PCA Month 2015

Sister of child abuse victim shares her story to begin Child Abuse Prevention Month
12:48PM Thursday April 2, 2015

By Dave Dahl/Illinois Radio Network

SPRINGFIELD – If you spend enough time at the state Capitol, you could let the hum of sessions, hearings, demonstrations, and other forms of performance art numb you.

The kickoff to Child Abuse Prevention Month in the Rotunda was anything but routine. That’s because fifth-grader Valerie Eyer, a student at the Illinois School for the Deaf in Jacksonville, told her story of survival.

“My brother died after visiting at my birth dad’s house,” she told the audience. “My brother, Maxwell, was a victim of child abuse. I guess that makes me a victim, too.” At the time, she was 4. Maxwell was 2.

The little girl has published a book, “Why Did We Have to Say Goodbye,” from which she read at the kickoff. It’s available at